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Loneliness and Poor Self-Esteem by YB&I partner “Woman to Woman

Loneliness & Poor Self-Esteem: Understanding the Connection June 18, 2010 By Woman to Woman     Feeling lonely is a normal part of life, it’s just you being human. In fact, you’re not alone. Many people experience bouts of loneliness at different junctures of life. Loneliness does not mean ‘alone’ as persons feel lonely even in … Continue reading

The “N word” …

Rant about black folks

June 24th, 2010 Rant about black folks by Bobi-D It’s funny how much I hear black men talk about the cars, clothes and other material things that Jay-Z, 50 cent, and Lebron James have and how they would like to have it one day, But they never talk about the hard work, ethic, turmoil and dedication … Continue reading

Is a guy serious about me if he only texts me?

Hello people…  Someone on my YouTube channel recently asked me this question and I thought id go ahead and write a blog about it. Theres many women who want to know this as well and I think no question is a dumb question. If the answer makes no sense to you then disgard what you read … Continue reading

Judging and Blaming the Woman can Worsen Domestic Violence

By Woman to Woman August 30st,2010 If you or someone you know is in an abusive marriage or relationship, hard as it is, the only option is to leave! Unfortunately for many women it is not that simple. In the meantime, these women are often made to feel responsible for the abuse and violence What … Continue reading

Pamper Yourself and feel like a Million Dollars!

         Pamper yourself and feel like a million dollars  by Woman to Woman You see, a major mistake some women make is to forget to pamper themselves. I don’t want to jump to conclusions here but my good sense is telling me that failing to treat herself  may be an indication of how much that woman actually loves … Continue reading

Million Man March Poem

Million Man March Poem by Maya Angelou The night has been long, The wound has been deep, The pit has been dark, And the walls have been steep. Under a dead blue sky on a distant beach, I was dragged by my braids just beyond your reach. Your hands were tied, your mouth was bound, … Continue reading